As one of the leading Lip Stick manufacturers and suppliers based in China, JIECHENG owns professional R&D teams.

There is such a general phenomenon in the world: a person may not have a whole set of cosmetics, but only a few, which must include a lipstick lip balm.

In fact, for many large cosmetics brands, lipstick is often chosen as their lip balm sticks, because compared with other products that have certain requirements for makeup skills, lipstick is the most effort-saving cosmetics that can enhance the appearance quickly.Lipstick is indeed a classic and long-lasting commodity, and the demand for lipstick is still at a peak, and lipstick is constantly being optimized and innovated in recent years,including our lipsticks.

Lipstick And People’s Increasing Demand

Back to lipsticks’ basic function: add color to lips. For the past few decades, the annoyance of lipstick bleaching has been a constant sound in the world. Many users can’t drink or eat freely because they don’t want to spend time wiping off the scaly lip balm stick container and then reapplying it.

In response to this, we have launched waterproof lipsticks, which are generally lipsticks with Matt lamination to have this function.Our waterproof lipsticks not only give the user instant beauty, but also make that beauty last effortlessly.

Moreover,our lipsticks apply only natural vegan material,this not only protects consumers, but also protects the environment. Environment-friendliness is getting more and more attention in recent years.

In addition to all the above advantages, JIECHENG China’s biggest advantage is the attractive wholesale price. Have bought our wholesale lipsticks, you don’t have to worry about the price or the potential sales volume.

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