Lip oil is the basic nutrition of lips, containing silicone oil, liquid paraffin, glycerin and other ingredients, can nourish lips, and make lips become moist and bright. Lip oil is similar to lip balm, but lip oil is more oily than lip balm, and the effect of moisturizing lips is better. Not only that, lip oil can be an intermediate product, both lip protection and color, as long as you add some color to the lip oil, lip oil can become a lighter color lip gloss.

However, it is worth noting that the main role of lip oil is still lip protection, so although JIECHENG, China’s lip oil has color, it does not use too much pigment to make the color very saturated.

The main ingredient of lip oil

Lip oil is a liquid or semi-solid cosmetic product, usually based on honey, vegetable oil, and other moisturizing ingredients. Its main function is to moisturize and protect the lips while adding shine and color to them. Lip gloss usually has a certain consistency, stays on the lips for a long time, and can be applied with a bright layer of color. Therefore, the ingredients of lip oil usually include natural plant extracts, vitamin E and moisturizing ingredients such as honey. Natural plant extracts can provide antioxidant and restorative benefits, vitamin E can moisturize and nourish lips, while honey has a moisturizing and calming effect. In addition, lip gloss may also contain some sunscreen ingredients to protect lips from UV damage.

Packaging of lip oil

Under normal circumstances, the packaging of lip oil is made of transparent acrylic material, and we are no exception, because lip oil is more viscous than lip oil, easy to drop and stick on the packaging, and the use of transparent packaging is convenient for users to clean up. In addition, the same canned liquid, in order to distinguish between lip oil and lip glaze, the small bottle of lip oil will be designed to be “chunky”, while the lip glaze is generally “slender”.

Despite the transparent material, the lip oil packaging still has room for design, such as changing the shape of the transparent tube, and get equipped with different materials and shapes of the lid. Our lip oil packaging design is equally suitable for all ages, from simple packaging to cute packaging. You are welcome to view the list of products, choose future hot sale, and then contact us, we can print your custom logo.

The coloring effect of lip oil

The lip oil we produce pursues natural ingredients, and the colored lip oil only adds a small amount of vegan pigments, so it can not be sold as lip gloss, and can only add a little color to the lips. These subtle colors can make people look more energetic without being too deliberate and exaggerated. Nevertheless, we offer lip oils in several different colors.

If you order wholesale cheap lip oil from JIECHENG, China leading cosmetic factory, you need to pay attention to the above matters. Our lip oils are safe, moisturizing and affordable,and we look forward to your order and inquiry.