The main function of the lip liner is to outline the lip and show the shape of the lip, which can increase the contrast and three-dimensional sense. Compared to lipstick, lip liner has a higher hardness and deeper coloring, making it suitable for small areas and precise outline. Therefore, the lip liner requires better covering power and more wax and pigment. Lip liner can’t be separated from lipstick, or it’s a thinner, more saturated version of lipstick. Generally, only people who have reached the advanced stage of makeup technology will use lip liner, and because of this, lip liner as an auxiliary tool, their quality and design can not be ignored, because makeup professionals are very sensitive to the pros and cons of cosmetics, and can distinguish a lip liner’s quality well.

We produce cheap China wholesale lip liner, while we can also guarantee that our lip liner is smooth and easy to use.

Lip liner of varying thickness

The appearance of the lip liner is the same as that of the pen, consisting of a shell and an inner core. The lip liner we produce has many different thicknesses, the thick can paint a large area of color, and the fine can depict details. For a professional makeup artist with makeup skills, a seemingly simple lip makeup look may use a lot of lip liner and a lot of lipstick, which is to create more layers of color contrast.We have made the thick lip liner into a crayon-like shape, and the thin lip liner is similar to a pencil, which is easy to hold in the hand and use on the lips.

Our lip liner mainly uses a rotating way to raise the inner core to expose it to the outside of the pen, and the part that turns out can be recovered, which is not easy to waste and pollute.

An unlimited range of colors is available

As a Chinese cosmetics manufacturer with a complete cosmetics production line, the color of our lip liner can perfectly match the color of our lipstick, which is essential for creating a harmonious lip makeup. If you order our wholesale lipsticks and wholesale lip liners at the same time, you have the possibility of selling them in sets.

Like the safe ingredients for lipsticks, our lip liners are made from natural, vegan ingredients and come in different colors with powerful technology to suit different needs.

It is worth mentioning that JIEHENG as leading lip liner manufacturer and supplier, has also invented an innovative two-color lip liner product, that is, a pencil holder with two colors in the refill, so buying one pen is equivalent to buying two. People only need to select the button with the proper color to press it,and then it can be easily used. This idea has been a hit since its release, and we invite you to give it a chance. Our innovations in lip liner and other cosmetics do not stop there, and if you build a long-term relationship with us, you can look forward to our future inventions.

Design of Lip Liner

Although the appearance of lip liner is not as malleable as lipstick and lip gloss, we still give our lip liner a lot of different looks. We produce lip liners in pencil appearance, crayon appearance, ballpoint pen appearance and so on. You can freely choose between OEM and ODM to get your customized lip liners at a reasonable wholesale price from JIECHENG, China.