Jinhua Jiecheng Cosmetic Ltd: Crafting Superior Lip Care Products Solutions

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Our Story

For over a decade, Jinhua Jiecheng Cosmetic Ltd has been synonymous with unparalleled excellence in the realm of lip care. Rooted in tradition but propelled by innovation, we have consistently championed the evolution of high-quality lip products.

Our Product Portfolio

Our distinctive product suite encompasses the luxurious Vogan lip balms, radiant lip glosses, and sumptuous lipsticks. These offerings are the culmination of meticulous research, advanced technology, and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship.

At Jinhua Jiecheng Cosmetic Ltd, we don't just create lip care products; we craft experiences. Each product is a promise of

Jinhua Jiecheng

Customization at Its Best - OEM Expertise

Beyond our esteemed product range, we are renowned for our proficiency in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM). We collaborate with global brands to materialize their bespoke visions into tangible products, ensuring each item resonates with the brand’s ethos while upholding our stringent quality standards.

Color Memory - Our Signature Brand

Proudly introducing ‘Color Memory,’ our proprietary brand that embodies the essence of timeless elegance and modern aesthetics. This line is a testament to our expertise, vision, and dedication to curating lip care products that make an indelible mark.

Low MOQ, Fast deliver time

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clientele, we offer products with low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) coupled with expedited production timelines. This approach ensures our partners can swiftly respond to market demands while maintaining inventory efficiencies.

Global Footprint

Our prestige is not just confined to our origin in Jinhua; we have a formidable presence in key international markets, notably North America and Europe. This expansive reach underscores our commitment to delivering world-class products and services to a global clientele.