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Lip glosses came out in the 90s and became popular in the market around 2010. lip balm gloss came out much later than lipstick. Before it appeared, if consumers wanted to create a mirror-like lip makeup, they would overlay transparent lip oil on top of the original lipstick, and gradually people invented lip gloss.

Lip gloss belongs to a kind of beauty cosmetics for lips, which is a gloss lip balm with moisturizing, glossy and easy to apply characteristics.

Most of the makeup lip gloss balm soft tubes balm lip gloss are filled in long and cylindrical containers, and the contents are liquid. When using a lip gloss, just unscrew the lid and pull it out, and the lid will come out with a brush stained with lip gloss, and then people just have to use the brush head to color lips.

Many people have said in recent years that the market for lip gloss has exceeded that of the most traditional lipstick, which is enough to prove that this category is very good to use and has broad prospects for development.

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