As one of the leading lip balm manufacturers and suppliers based in China, Create your own lip balm is a large market, of which lip balm is one of the most well-known lip care products.

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Private label lip balm is usually a small container of solid grease with moisturizing effects. Owing to its small size, it is very portable and easy to take out and apply to consumers’ mouth at any time.
We offer both OEM and ODM services.You can have your custom logo on your ordered lip balm,or you can order you own custom logo lip balm.
For over a decade, Jinhua JIECHENG Cosmetic Ltd., has been synonymous with unparalleled excellence in the realm of lip care.
In addition, You can see the certifications on our website such as INTERTEK, SGS.
As leading lip balm manufacturer in China, JIECHENG owns professional R&D teams.
Meanwhile, we offer service as OEM to oversea customers.
We do not demand high prices by quality, but pursuit worldwide distribution by quality, we can provide absolutely reasonable wholesale prices and guarantee that you are satisfied with the quality.
Welcome to negotiate ordering matters, more surprises are waiting for you!
You can email to us to obtain the Quotes and products of the Lip balm and other information you want know. This is our email number:[email protected].