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Products lip balm tray
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As reputed Wholesale lip balm tray factory, JIECHENG strives to nourish self-esteem through innovative balms fusing ethically-sourced botanicals and pioneering formulations. Discover substantial wholesale discounts, exclusive sample lines, and avenues for like-minded collaboration. We stay committed to radiating confidence from within through every uplifted smile.
lip balm tray

Unfolding lip balm tray

lip balm tray showcases itself as a sumptuous lip balm, burgeoning with nutritionally rich oils and sturdy antioxidants. It fulfills the lips’ need for moisture superbly, while its innovative use of soft-focus pigments yields a glowing radiance.

Principal Substances of the Product

Shea Butter: Seamlessly blended into lip balm tray, shea butter operates as a forceful moisturizer, rendering crucial hydration and protection to the lips.
Olive Oil: Noted for its abundance in vitamins, it fosters skin resilience and vigor.
Beeswax: Markedly essential in formulating a protective coat, beeswax dominates in extending lip hydration.
Choice Honey: Identified as a commanding natural moisturizer, it draws in moisture, heightening the sense of lip ampleness.
lip balm performaces

ingredients of lip balm

What Makes lip balm tray Special

Moisture – Essential oils and extracts lock in hydration for pillowy lip comfort. Luminosity – A subtle radiance accentuates your lip tone and dimension. Mobility – Apply lip balm tray wherever life leads using the easy stick applicator.

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