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Leading the cosmetics frontier, we develop powerfully rejuvenating lip formulas adhering to strict quality standards. Connect to discuss customized sampling promotions or mass production partnerships. Further delight in the holistically revitalizing impact of our balms. Please contact JIECHENG for Wholesale lip balm tins price list inquiry.
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Discovering lip balm tins

Presenting itself as a sumptuous lip balm, lip balm tins is chock full with beneficial oils and potent antioxidants. It adeptly caters to the lips’ moisture needs while the cleverly employed soft-focus pigments deliver a glossy finale.

Main Constituents of the Product

Shea Butter: Blended seamlessly into lip balm tins, shea butter operates as a potent moisturizing enhancer, conferring essential hydration to the lips.
Olive Oil: Revered for its vitamin richness, it bolsters skin resilience and vigor.
Beeswax: Integral in the formulation of a protective coat, beeswax champions in preserving lip moisture over time.
Choice Honey: Acknowledged as a powerful natural moisture-generator, it harnesses moisture to augment the illusion of lip fullness.
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Luxuriate With lip balm tins

Hydration – Essential oils deliver deep hydration to lips all day long. Radiance – The luminous finish enhances your tone and adds a plumped effect. Mobility – Apply lip balm tins on the go using the lightweight stick applicator.

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