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Products eco friendly lip balm tubes
Ingredient Olive oil; Honey;Vitamin E
Ingredient Chemical
Form Stick


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As an industry pioneering force, JIECHENG skillfully formulates nourishing lip balms through selective blending of premium botanicals and innovative techniques. Our balms hydrate with an airy luminosity across diverse hues. Reach out to explore thoughtful sample collections or volume deals. You’ll also discover the luxuriantly replenishing effects of our infused balms. Please contact us for Wholesale eco friendly lip balm tubes price list inquiry.
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Interpreting eco friendly lip balm tubes

At its heart, eco friendly lip balm tubes showcases itself as a luxurious lip balm, overloaded with nutritionally beneficial oils and solid antioxidants. It addresses the lips’ hydration needs aptly while its use of soft-focus pigments leaves a captivating shine.

Crucial Components of the Product

Shea Butter: Perfectly amalgamated into eco friendly lip balm tubes, shea butter acts as an impactful moisturizer, infusing essential hydration and protection to the lips.
Olive Oil: Famed for its vitamin richness, it nurtures skin strength and suppleness.
Beeswax: Essential in crafting a defense layer, beeswax plays a crucial role in maintaining lip moisture.
Grade-A Honey: Being a prime natural moisture source, it magnetically attracts moisture to enhance the illusion of lip plumpness.
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Treat Your Lips to eco friendly lip balm tubes

Hydration – Antioxidants seal in moisture, keeping lips hydrated and smooth. Radiance – A light reflecting hue flatters your tone and enhances fullness. Ease – Refresh eco friendly lip balm tubes as desired while out and about with the travel stick.

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