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Leading the OEM private label lip balm supplier, JIECHENG establishes unmatched lip balms through judicious integration of premium naturals and cutting-edge formulations. Please connect for details on competitive wholesale terms, complimentary samples, or opportunities to join our vision. Our purpose remains empowering and illuminating smiles of self-belief.
private label lip balm

Decoding private label lip balm

private label lip balm is a soft lip balm, abundant in nourishing oils and antioxidants, effectively fulfilling the hydration needs of the lips. Its ingenious use of soft-focus pigments plays with light to create a glossy visual appeal.

Main Constituents of the Product

Shea Butter: Incorporated in the private label lip balm, shea butter serves as a prominent moisturizer, providing the lips with much-needed moisture and protection.
Olive Oil: Renowned for its vitamin load, it fosters skin health and flexibility.
Beeswax: Beeswax plays a pivotal role in forming a protective layer, targeting the endurance of lip hydration.
Premium Grade Honey: As a natural hydrator, it draws moisture to boost the illusion of lip volume.
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Ways private label lip balm Indulges Lips

Moisture – Antioxidants in private label lip balm retain hydration and protect from dryness. Radiance – A touch of luminous pigment enhances your natural color for plump definition. Ease – Apply private label lip balm ad hoc using the convenient stick while on errands or adventures.

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