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Products lip balm vaseline
Usage Lips care
Brand Name OEM & ODM
Form Stick


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Heading the OEM lip balm vaseline supplier, JIECHENG leads the field by crafting carefully formulated balms optimized for hydration, protection and radiance. Contact us to discuss highly competitive wholesale pricing, sample offerings and opportunities to partner in our goal of uplifting every expression through intrinsically healthy beauty.
lip balm vaseline

Interpreting lip balm vaseline

lip balm vaseline, a plush lip balm, teems with nourishing oils and potent antioxidants. It brilliantly caters to the lips’ moisture requisites, while its artful employment of soft-focus pigments casts a glossy finish.

Critical Ingredients of the Product

Shea Butter: Incorporated within lip balm vaseline, shea butter acts as a potent hydration agent, infusing essential moisture and armour to the lips.
Olive Oil: Regarded for its richness in vitamins, it sustains skin health and flexibility.
Beeswax: Essential in constructing a defensive layer, beeswax champions the cause of lasting lip moisture.
First-rate Honey: As a key natural moisture-source, it magnetically attracts moisture to augment the illusion of lip plumpness.
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ingredients of lip balm

Benefits of Choosing lip balm vaseline

Hydration – Antioxidant-rich lip balm vaseline seals in hydration to keep lips supple. Shimmer – Just a kiss of sparkle highlights your natural color and adds a plumped effect. Convenience – Slip the portable stick in your bag to refresh lip balm vaseline on the go.

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