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Products kids lip balm
Products kids lip balm
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Heading the cosmetics industry, JIECHENG develops powerfully multifunctional lip balms with stringent quality standards. Contact us for customized sample collections or wholesale commercialization opportunities. Additionally, benefit from our lip balms fortified with reparative OEM kids lip balm price list for holistic results.
kids lip balm

What does kids lip balm signify?

kids lip balm epitomizes a gentle lip moisturizer, teeming with nourishing oils and antioxidants. It lavishes liberal hydration on the lips, coupled with soft-focus pigments that modulate light for a glossy effect.

Principal Constituents of the Product

Shea Butter: In kids lip balm, shea butter functions as a natural emollient, providing moisture and protection to the lips.
Olive Oil: Laden with vitamins that foster skin health and smoothness.
Beeswax: The beeswax in kids lip balm erects a protecting seal on the lips, ensuring sustained hydration.
High-Class Honey: This works as a humectant, drawing moisture to amplify lip plumpness.
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Benefits of kids lip balm Formulations

Moisturizing – Enriched with botanicals, kids lip balm nourishes lips with hydrating antioxidants for a soft touch. Radiance – A light luminous glow enhances your lip tone and adds an look of fullness. Ease – The travel-friendly stick ensures kids lip balm is easy to carry and use on the go throughout your day.

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