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As an innovative force in cosmetics, JIECHENG pioneers nourishing lip balms through thoughtful formulations and premium ingredients. Our balms nourish with a lightweight, illuminating finish in diverse hues. Reach out to explore samples or volume pricing. Furthermore, benefit from our balms fortified with hydrating High quality lip balm logo factory for thoroughly radiant care.
lip balm logo

Introducing lip balm logo

Assuming the identity of an extravagant lip balm, lip balm logo shines with its assortment of nutrient-dense oils and robust antioxidants. It deftly meets the lips’ hydration requirements while strategically employing soft-focus pigments, which project a stunning radiance.

Key Ingredients of the Product

Shea Butter: Thoughtfully integrated into the lip balm logo mixture, shea butter surfaces as a robust moisturizer, delivering fundamental hydration and strength to the lips.
Olive Oil: Known for its rich contents of vitamins, it nourishes the skin, enhancing durability and suppleness.
Beeswax: Absolutely vital for generating a protective layer, beeswax is instrumental in prolonging lip moisturization.
Choice Honey: Appointed as an efficient natural moisture attractor, it pulls in moisture, thereby accentuating the perception of lip fullness.
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ingredients of lip balm

Reveal a Luscious Pout with lip balm logo

Moisture – Vitamins and oils nourish for utmost hydration and a lush look. Radiance – The illuminating pigment magnifies your natural tone beautifully. Flexibility – Apply lip balm logo anywhere you roam using the lightweight stick.

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