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Products lip balm jar
Usage Lips care
Feature Waterproof, Sunscreen, Long Lasting
Color blue, white, green,accept custom color


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Product Details

Being a vanguard in the High quality lip balm jar manufacturer, JIECHENG establishes matchless lip balms by blending top-notch natural ingredients with progressive technology. Don’t hesitate to contact us for substantial wholesale discounts, complimentary product trials, or to discuss potential partnership prospects. Our objective is to infuse and radiate self-assurance through every client’s smile.
lip balm jar

Understanding lip balm jar

lip balm jar is a sublime concoction embodying a light-textured feel, brimming with skincare primordial like vitamins, oils, and antioxidants to duly saturate lips. Also present are soft-focus pigments adept at scattering light for a non-sticky, glossy, and augmenting appeal.

Integral Ingredients of the Product

The lip balm jar composition is a reliance on hydrating botanical oils and butters such as jojoba, sunflower, and coconut to curb dry areas. Emulsifiers mingle seamlessly with these oils, thanks to the waxes. The inclusion of hydrolyzed silk or collagen assists in refining texture. As for the glimmer, it leverages mica, a safer alternative to gritty glitter for crafting a seamlessly smooth and glowing finish, especially perfect for the sensitive lips.
lip balm performaces

ingredients of lip balm

Indulgent Benefits of lip balm jar

Hydration – lip balm jar shields lips from dryness with antioxidants that moisturize soft. Shine – A subtle sparkle boosts your lip color鈥檚 fullness for an airbrushed effect. Practicality – Refresh lip balm jar applications throughout your busy day with the portable stick.

Product Packaging

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