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Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Use Lips
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Product Details

As an innovation leader in the cosmetics space, JIECHENG pioneers multi-beneficial lip balms through meticulous formulations and premium ingredients. Our balms deliver hydration with a lightweight, luminous finish in diverse tones. Reach out for samples or volume pricing details. Beyond this, we craft lip balms of the highest caliber infused with nourishing China lip balm packaging price list.
lip balm packaging

What defines lip balm packaging?

lip balm packaging is a light lip moisturizer that is abundant in nurturing oils and antioxidants. It provides thorough hydration to the lips and incorporates soft-focus pigments that scatter light, offering a glossy sheen.

Key Ingredients of the Product

Shea Butter: The shea butter in lip balm packaging serves as a natural softening element that moisturizes and safeguards the lips.
Olive Oil: Abounds with vitamins that enrich the skin and mitigate its texture.
Beeswax: The beeswax in lip balm packaging effects a protective shield on the lips to maintain hydration.
Prime Quality Honey: An ingredient that attracts moisture, thereby adding fullness to the lips.
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Indulgent Effects of lip balm packaging

Hydration – lip balm packaging infuses lips with antioxidants and moisture, pampering them soft and supple. Shimmer – A subtle sparkle amplifies your natural lip color and gives an illusion of volume. Convenience – The portable stick form lets you refresh lip balm packaging application wherever life takes you.

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