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Products lip balm display
Ingredient Olive oil; Honey;Vitamin E
MOQ 500pcs
Form Stick


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Product Details

Being a pioneer in China lip balm display supplier, JIECHENG pioneered high-performing lip products through meticulous blending of select botanicals and innovation. Contact us to discuss significant trade discounts, complimentary trial sizes, or potential business partnerships. We aim to instill and illuminate self-assurance through each customer’s radiant expression.
lip balm display

Unveiling lip balm display

lip balm display presents a formula with a feather-soft texture, enriched by the wellness-infused elements – vitamins, oils, and antioxidants for absolute lip nourishment. Soft-focus pigments provide a gloss-enhanced, volume-induced aura without the unruly after-stickiness.

Crux Ingredients of the Product

The complex of lip balm display revolves around nurturing plant oils and butters like jojoba, sunflower, and coconut to soothe dry areas. Waxes and emulsifiers help blend these oils to create a homogeneous concoction. Hydrolyzed silk or collagen works wonders on enhancing texture. Shimmers employ mica in place of coarse glitter for a sheer, luminescent finish optimized for lip sensitivities.
lip balm performaces

ingredients of lip balm

How lip balm display Pampers Lips

Hydration – Essential oils and extracts in lip balm display soothe and condition for luxury softness. Illumination – A light sheen flatters your lip tone and creates lushness. Mobility – Slip the travel stick in your bag for lip balm display touch-ups anywhere, anytime.

Product Packaging

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