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Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Ingredient Chemical
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As China lip balm case factory, JIECHENG is committed to empowering self-confidence through premium balms harnessing ethically-sourced plant ingredients and innovative formulations. Discover substantial trade discounts, exclusive sample collections, and pathways to collaborate on spreading positive change. We remain dedicated to illuminating smiles with inner radiance.
lip balm case

Interpreting lip balm case

Sporting the avatar of a sumptuous lip balm, lip balm case showcases its profusion of nutritionally beneficial oils and robust antioxidants. It adroitly manages the lips’ desire for hydration while its purposeful deployment of soft-focus pigments projects a resplendent glow.

Key Constituents of the Product

Shea Butter: Harmoniously woven into the lip balm case composition, shea butter manifests as a strong moisturizer, imparting critical hydration and strength to the lips.
Olive Oil: Noted for its reservoir of vitamins, it instills skin toughness and malleability.
Beeswax: Critically central to forming a protective enclosure, beeswax is exceptional in prolonging lip hydration.
Choice Honey: Credited as an effectual natural moisturizer, it absorbs moisture, exaggerating the impression of lip plumpness.
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ingredients of lip balm

Experience Lush Lips with lip balm case

Hydration – Antioxidants lock in moisture for smooth, pillowy comfort. Glow – An iridescent sheen enhances your natural shade vibrantly. Versatility – Apply lip balm case with ease throughout your day with the travel stick.

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