Healthy And Elegant Waterproof Jelly Crystal Lipstick From China

Nov 7, 2023 | News

Have you ever had fantasies about princesses, castles and roses? Have you seen those beautiful crystal balls and glass covers with vibrant gardens inside? Have you fantasised about living there? Whether you’ve ever thought about it, or at what age, now these are beauties you can easily put in your make-up bag.

If this comment has piqued your interest, take a look at a new idea from a Chinese cosmetics manufacturer,Jiecheng:Waterproof Jelly Crystal Lipstick,in whose transparent lipstick bullet with beautiful flowers in it.In the past we design a lipstick with its case and face of the bullet,but now we create our inspiration inside the bullet.

To match with the creative jelly bullet of our lipsticks,we design a elegant case for them,too.The elegant case is in palace style design,and outer case and inner bullet mirror each other beautifully.

Here Jiecheng would like to give buyers some more introduction.

Design of the jelly crystal bullet

Jiecheng,China name our transplant bullet jelly and crystal,because it’s as moist and smooth as jelly and as crystal clear. We use special technology and special non-toxic and safe materials to support the appearance of transparent and hurry, high moisturising bullet. If you think it is a special appearance of colourless lipstick,then you underestimate it. Waterproof Jelly Crystal Lipstick is colourless in appearance, but it can colour your lips,and they have waterproof,as other waterproof lipsticks.

Our Waterproof Jelly Crystal Lipstick offers a range of common colours for buyers to choose,these colours are light, not over the top or very obvious, and are great for adding some light colour to an unmade-up face.

Design of the palace style lipstick case

The palace style is popular in Asian countries, including China, and the main elements are various types of reliefs and motifs that are very detailed and exquisite, and can provide a strong emotional value, which is in addition to the basic use value of lipstick. Our Waterproof Jelly Crystal Lipstick has a pink colour with gold and white embossing, which has just the right amount of sophistication without being overly complex or regal.

The cute and retro Waterproof Jelly Crystal Lipstick casing is truly suitable for all ages, beautiful and portable.

Healthy material of Waterproof Jelly Crystal Lipstick

Our company Jiecheng,China was founded to provide low-cost and safe cosmetics to cosmetic consumers around the world, so we use safe ingredients for our lipstick bullets and will never save money on raw material costs. We choose the most reliable suppliers and then seek the strictest testing organisations to ensure that every single Waterproof Jelly Crystal Lipstick produced is safe and qualified.

The world knows that China’s most traditional moral values are kindness and family, and the world knows even more that Made in China is the pride of China. Product safety and social responsibility are things we will not give up.

Jiecheng Chinas factory address

Jiecheng comes from Jiangxi, China, a city in southern China with a warm climate and numerous terrains, resulting in a very rich diversity of species and an important botanical site in China.

Here we are researching and developing the potential of plants in cosmetics, and the results are promising!If you pay attention to the safety and design of lipsticks,just contact us for more information.We are looking forward to your message.

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