China Organic Lipsticks That Can Aways Be Able To Protect You And Your Desires

Nov 6, 2023 | News

On 5 September 2023, the State Drug Administration (SDA) of China published the “Circular (No. 43 of 2023) of the State Drug Administration on 23 batches of non-compliant cosmetics”.The circular states that in the 2023 national cosmetic sampling and testing work, by Chongqing Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Research Institute and other units, there are 23 batches of cosmetics that do not comply with the regulations.

The unqualified batches mainly involved sunscreen, hair colouring cream, hair care, skin care and other categories, and the reasons for the failure were mainly focused on unqualified ingredient comparisons, exceeding the total number of colonies, and exceeding the total number of moulds and yeasts, etc. Even the well-known international brands, such as Lancôme, have quality and safety problems.

This is enough to prove that the cosmetic industry is in chaos, substandard cosmetics can lead to skin allergies, or endanger the safety of life. Lipstick and other cosmetics, as a class of appearance can not be observed on the product raw materials and production of special consumer goods, consumers are very easy to buy unsafe cosmetics home.

China’s cosmetic manufacturers in action

In order to solve this problem, and to protect the safety and rights of cosmetic consumers within China, as well as in countries all over the world, Chinese manufacturers like Jiecheng Cosmetic Ltd have been actively researching and developing natural and safe cosmetic products, with vegan lipsticks being a popular research direction.

As a country that has been making all kinds of medicines from natural plants since ancient times and has originated its own system of Chinese herbal medicine, the Chinese people have always believed that natural plants are the safest and healthiest materials.

Jiecheng Cosmetic Ltd,China has been working hard in the field of botanical lipsticks and have now come to fruition with the successful development of a Custom Vegan Organic Waterproof Lipstick

Large colour range of China vegan lipstick

Changing the traditional concept that the natural safety of lipsticks and the beautiful colours of lipsticks cannot co-exist, we have developed our own blending and colour mixing technology to guarantee that the materials are organic and vegan, while offering consumers a wide range of colour choices.

As long as the colours are common and commonly used in everyday life, we have successfully blended them. If the colours we offer don’t have what you want, don’t worry, we offer a degree of customisation and do our best to create your own personal vegan organic lipstick.

Waterproof technology is applied as well

We know very well that a lipstick with a great colour doesn’t mean a great deal if the colour doesn’t hold up. We’ve seen many consumers turn to waterproof lipsticks because they can’t eat or drink as much as they’d like to because they’re worried about the colour coming off when using lipsticks. No need to worry, this is something that Jiecheng,China’s organic vegan lipsticks can do as well.

If you buy our Custom Vegan Organic Waterproof Lipstick, you just need to enjoy your beauty and your health without having to worry about anything.

Custom lipstick cases for your ideas

As well as the colour being up to you, you can also decide how your Custom Vegan Organic Waterproof Lipstick looks.

The picture Jiecheng,China have given is the most basic form of a lipstick casing, everything more than this base is up to you.

Whether you have a colour in mind or a design you’d like to see printed on your Custom Vegan Organic Waterproof Lipstick, just express your vision directly to Jiecheng,China and we’ll be honoured to make it happen.

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